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Here at AXAD|CAPITAL, we promote many services through our pay-per-call marketing department. These services include life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, final expense coverage and even debt solutions. We’re positive you will be impressed with our client’s services, so we’re here to tell you about each of them and why you should be interested in our company. To do this, however, we must give you just a taste of what we sell. We guarantee you’ll be impressed.

For example, our pay-per-call marketing sells life insurance. Now we’ve all seen the sentimental commercials for life insurance, where a man or woman is grieving, but not just for their spouse but also for their lack of life insurance. Well, we’re sure you don’t want to end up like those people. We believe here at AXAD|CAPITAL that people need life insurance to help them live the rest of their lives after losing their spouse or any loved one. No one usually knows when they’re going to pass, and it’s a good idea for those of you who have families and or spouses to think about life insurance and all its benefits.

In addition to life insurance, our pay per marketing also sells auto insurance, which everyone who drives a car must provide. Auto insurance is unique because you don’t purchase it for yourself; you purchase it for the uninsured driver and the fender bender you just had.  When you purchase auto insurance, you’re buying it because you have to assume that overall, some drivers will be without it.

Then what? If you didn’t have auto insurance, you would be paying for that fender bender right out of your pocket. Not cool, uninsured drivers. Therefore, auto insurance is the one type of insurance that is mandatory nationwide but only for those of us who actually sit behind the wheel. If you don’t drive, then you don’t need it. But let’s face it, America has had a love affair with automobiles since the beginning, especially when people took the time to create interesting and new vehicles.

Here at AXAD|CAPITAL, we understand how important auto insurance is, which is why we’re determined to sell it through our pay-per-call marketing department. Who doesn’t love the freedom of driving their own car? Going where and going when they want. Driving is essential, and because cars aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, we’ll just keep on selling that auto insurance to keep America moving in the right direction.

Another type of insurance our pay-per-call department sells is health insurance. And though it is not technically mandated, there can be penalties if you aren’t insured, so we believe it’s important to get as many of our customers covered as possible. We believe in helping the “little guy” acquire health insurance without breaking his bank. Everyone is familiar with the health insurance commercials where a family is gathered around the elders, smiling because they know they have health insurance.

However, if this commercial were real, it would show a lot of people frowning and possibly having panic attacks at the thought of paying the exorbitant monthly fees associated with any particular health insurance. If you’re lucky enough to be a part of the government subsidiaries through Obamacare, then good for you. You’ll get some serious discounts. However, not everyone meets the requirements for this kind of insurance, which is very unfortunate.

We at AXAD|CAPITAL believe in providing our customers with the best possible health insurance on the market. We do this through our pay-per-call marketing department, and we’re glad we’re able to help provide this type of insurance to those who need it.

Another service we provide via our pay-per-call marketing department is final expense debt solutions.  Final expenses are the costs we accrue as we plan to lay our loved ones to rest. These expenses can be outrageous. For example, it is estimated that a metal casket alone can cost as much as $2,400.00.

The basic services fee can be as high as $2,000.00, and the embalming alone can go as high as $725.00. You add the viewing, the ceremony, the funeral staff, the hearse, removing the body, and you’re paying over $10,000 easily. How does one afford all of this and have time to mourn? The answer is they don’t.

So instead of having space and time to cry and grieve the proper way, the loved ones are forced into trying to get enough money together to have a proper burial. This is not what the survivors should have to endure. Unfortunately, it is, but we here at AXAD|CAPITAL believe we can help you with your final expenses and debt solutions.

We offer ways in which you can be debt-free through our debt consolidation, debt management, and debt relief solutions.  Imagine making only one payment per month to consolidate your debt instead of multiple debtors? Our debt consolidation allows you to make one payment. Through our debt management, we can help those with bad credit by simply working with their debtors to help customers get lower monthly fees and lower interest rates. In addition, we provide help to those who need debt relief solutions. All the customers have to do is call our main number to begin their journey toward a debt-free lifestyle.

We here at AXAD|CAPITAL are determined to help customers find debt relief through our different programs. By offering debt relief solutions, debt management, and debt consolidation, we can help our customers say goodbye to credit card debt or other unsecured debt by simply signing up for our services. This puts the power back into the hands of the customer because they will take charge of their debt when they decide to call us.

We pride ourselves on our debt solutions for anyone who needs relief. We believe it is important for our customers to make the first move because it proves they are ready to make a change. And here at AXAD|CAPITAL, we’re ready to help them every step of the way.

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