How To Buy Medicare Supplement Leads

Now that you understand why Medicare live transfer leads are so effective, the process of how they are sourced, and how to close more deals, you are probably asking, “how can I purchase the best Medicare Supplement live transfer leads?”

1. The Secret’s in the Source

You’ll want to do your homework before you buy – without that due diligence, it’s incredibly risky to buy calls or leads.

While nobody wants to sling mud, it’s a fact that not every call and lead source is ethical. That’s an understatement echoed in the news and the nation’s courtrooms. (Did you happen to see our recent roundup of Robocalls Crackdowns?)

We WISH we were shocked when stories of lead generation malfeasance made the headlines. But as industry insiders with a long history of taking the high road, we’ve seen and heard all the horror stories of unethical lead providers who are just in it to make a quick buck.

In fact, we belong to an exclusive alliance of providers (it’s invite only, and there are just a couple dozen of us) that keeps an eye on the call and lead marketplace. That helps us be extraordinarily picky about which publishers we work with; we actually reject nearly 99% of the publisher applications we receive.

2. Avoid Lead Sources that Don’t Make Compliance Their #1 Goal

You’ve heard the phrase “guilty by association” before, certainly. In our world, that’s very much a reality. If you buy your Medicare warm transfers from a source that’s not fully understanding, respecting, or obeying the compliance regulations (DNC and TCPA to start with), you’re gambling.

Some of these sources might not care what happens to them – after all, they can just close up shop and open under another name. But the courts will paint you with the same brush, and that can cost your company millions in class action lawsuits.

We won’t lie – there’s a whole lot of money in non-compliant calls and leads. At least for the short-term. But to us, this is about the long-term. That’s why we invest so much in the training and technology needed to comply with the regulations: we work really hard to protect our clients and our company. There’s just no other alternative to doing the right things the right way.

3. Look for Onshore Medicare Live Transfer Leads

Again, it would be a whole lot more profitable to send calls overseas as we generate Medicare warm transfers. American workers command much higher wages, after all! But that’s not how we do things.

We know that Americans want to talk with Americans. That’s never truer than when it comes to getting the information they need to make such an important decision as choosing their Medicare supplement plan. It can be a sensitive conversation, and we want to make sure it’s as easy for inbound callers to discuss their needs as possible.

You might also want to ask your potential call provider how their call center employees are compensated. Here, they’re hourly – we pay them whatever the outcome of any particular call is. It would definitely be cheaper if they were on some sort of commission plan – but we don’t do that.

That’s because we know that the call dynamic shifts when an agent’s not going to get paid unless they get a specific result. When the only “pressure” is to treat callers like the valuable human beings they are, everyone has a better experience and it results in more sales.

4. Monitor and Focus on Call Quality

This can get dicey in a hurry! Ever had the experience of buying calls or leads from a new provider and while they start out good, quality takes a nosedive before long? We hear that from new clients all the time – having that experience elsewhere is what led them to go looking for a new place to buy their Medicare supplement calls.

Warm transfers yield some of the best possible leads for a sales team to close. It’s the perfect example of how that “wingman” role plays out. Other people do all the “hard” parts of bringing Medicare supplement calls to your team. All that’s left is for them to answer the phone and close the sale.

But we don’t just SAY we’ve got great quality warm transfer calls for Medicare. We leave that decision up to you. With some of the longest durations in the industry, we’ll give your team 1-2 minutes to talk with these consumers before the call becomes billable. If somehow a call reaches you that’s not a fit, just end the call within that duration period. You don’t pay for it – we do.

5. Watch Your CPA

Like you need to be told that?! We know what it’s like on your end – you live and die by certain KPIs, and your cost per acquisition tops that list. When you’re able to fine-tune your campaign to make the numbers work, only then does it make sense to scale.

As we talk with new clients, sometimes they’re surprised when we say, “We watch your CPA as closely as you do.” But it’s true. We work with our clients to help them reach a CPA that makes sense.

For any call buyer who’s dealt with other providers’ “take it or leave it” perspective on cost per acquisition, this is certainly a refreshing difference. It’s just how we do things here – and we know that our success hinges on yours.

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