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Axad Capital is built on the back of entrepreneurs. We eat, sleep, and breathe innovation. Axad Capital stands today among the leading Performance Marketing Companies, with its core expertise in pay per call, pay per lead, and cost per acquisition models. Axad Capital is headquartered in the heart of New York City, cultivating the best talent in the world. Axad Capital has become an industry-leading marketing company through Ax-Tech our proprietary technology to provide a clear and accurate understanding of marketing ROI.

Our Team
Axad Capital’s team is compiled of the most talented individuals, ranging from content writing college interns to web developers to industry dinosaurs. Axad Capital believes the best way to succeed and give the highest qualities to surround yourself with like minded individuals who work together as a team and support each others strengths and weaknesses.


Responsibility. We Owe…
Axad Capital’s CEO is the Founder of the Eleven Eleven Foundation, a Non Profit Organization geared to Apply Art,Technology, & Adventure To Promote Wellness in Mind, Body, & Soul. Life is stressful and at times traumatic, The Eleven Eleven Foundation strives to make a positive impact on as many people as possible. Anything we can do to create a positive change in someone’s life is beneficial. From teaching troubled youth how to code or helping a PTSD victim face a challenge and help them overcome it.  Learn More.

Meet The Axad Capital Team

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John Krawczyk - CEO

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Philipp Borgolte - COO

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Victoria Tsitskishvili - Director of Global Partnerships

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Alina Varsaka - Affiliate Manager

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Joe Arquilla - Affiliate Manager

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Arielle Tolome - Aff. Manager & Web Dev.

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Jennifer Edwards - Senior Media Buyer

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Luka Kalajžić - Media Buyer

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Julia Mason - Publisher Advisor

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