Tax Debt Settlement

Help more customers get out of IRS debt with high quality, high intent leads.

Live Transfers

Our Tax Debt Settlement Live Transfers are prequalified and looking to buy immediately. These are our highest closing leads, with some agents closing at over 50%.

Exclusive Leads

Exclusive leads are sold only once, and close at a higher rate than shared leads. They work best for individual agents and smaller agencies.

Inbound Calls

Receive high intent customers that googled for Tax Debt Settlement quotes and found one of our exclusive brands our top web developers and media buyers built.

Many Americans are unable to pay taxes on time. The IRS charges a failure-to-pay penalty of 0.5% of your unpaid taxes per month. There is no question that tax debt settlement is a huge business and a major financial consideration for most Americans.

Axad Capital uses unique proprietary technology to generate debt settlement and tax debt settlement leads that are looking to buy right now, resulting in exceptional performance for debt professionals of every size and type, from individual agents to agencies.u00a0Sign up today and see for yourself why Axad Capital is the fastest growing lead generator in America.

How You Can Track Your Tax Debt Settlement Calls

Real-Time Analytics

Use our hi-tech tracking platform with built-in AI feature that top enterprises use to track their calls automatically.

Choose your Time, Days, and States you want to Work at

Our specialists will go over the program with you and help you find what works best for you and your business.

Dispute Your Calls

You listened to the call but it was bad. You choose which call qualify and which calls don’t quality.

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