Performance Marketing in Times of Uncertainty

Our work as marketers has transformed drastically in the space of a month.  Certain Verticals are experiencing pain, particularly in certain industries. In some industries obviously demand is spiking, it’s skyrocketing for, you know, coronavirus-related reasons. And in other cases, demand is down.

We have compiled a list of our Top Performing offers that ares absolutely crushing it!

  • Auto Insurance CPL– 17% CR and EPC 1.54
  • Jobs Survey – 10-16% conversion rate
  • Medicare Sup Insurance – 18% CR and EPC 1.74
  • Credit Score– epc $1.5-$2
  • Personal Loan – conversion rate 26%
  • Health Insurance CPL – 22% CR and EPC 1.89

For Pay Per Call:

  • Health Insurance Transfers and Inbound Calls 90-120 sec buffer
  • Final Expense Inbound Calls – 2 min buffer
  • Auto Insurance Inbound Calls – 2 min buffer
  • Tax Settlement Transfers – 2 min buffer
  • Plumbing Inbound Calls – 90 sec buffer
  • Pest Control Inbound Calls – Nationwide – 75 sec buffer

Axad Capital hopes that you are staying safe, that you’re staying at home, that you’re washing your hands. And I promise you, together, we’re going to get through this.

Contact us today to get set up!


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