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Final Expense Live Transfer Leads Available Now!

Are you looking for live transfer calls that you can trust? Are you looking for calls that are compliant, accurate, exclusive, affordable, and ready to convert?

Calling all final expense insurance industry leaders! 

At Axad Capital, we are now offering Live Transfer Final Expense Leads.

To ensure quality, compliance, and results, each of our leads are vetted through our extensive scrubbing process, which entails:

  • Multiple DNC Scrubs – We scrub all leads through the Federal DNC in real-time, as well as through multiple third parties to ensure accuracy.
  • Scrubs to Avoid Litigators & Attorneys – We scrub our leads against multiple comprehensive lists of known litigators and those close to them to ensure a scrub against litigation fishing.
  • Real-Time Identity Checks – We verify the identity and contact information of leads in real-time, using some of the best technology available through Jornaya LeadiD and Lead Insight 360. This helps to provide accuracy & compliance against fraudulent or inaccurate leads.
  • TCPA Compliance – All of our call centers’ leads come with Jornaya Lead ID’s. Jornaya captures the moment consumers opt-in to our data collection forms.

Our #1 concern aside from compliance is delivering calls that get results for our clients. That’s why about 95% of our leads are sourced from search-based lead generation strategies. This ensures that they are highly targeted and ready to buy.

But that’s just half of it. Where the value really comes in is in our process for generating warm transfers. Before your agents ever receive a live transfer from our call center, each lead is carefully guided through our extensive qualifying process, ensuring that by the time they are transferred, they are qualified and ready to buy.

Our process works like this: 

  1. Calls are made to relevant, qualified leads from our US-based call center
  2. Our expert transfer agents educate, inform, and qualify leads based on predetermined requirements given from you, the buyer.
  3. The interested leads that meet the pre-identified qualifications are then transferred to your licensed agents. This can be done with a warm handoff or cold transfer.

All of our teams are based in the USA, so you can rest assured that call quality and customer service is top-notch and that compliance is our #1 priority.

The advantages of live transfer final expense leads are clear:

  • Filter leads by income level, age, interest level, health history, and more
  • Talk to only the most interested leads
  • Improve closing rates and CPAs
  • Let your agents focus on closing sales
  • Customize your calling schedule

At Axad Capital, our priority is your satisfaction. That’s why we have built our live transfer lead generation services around a model that places customer satisfaction at the center – allowing you to brand your business throughout the whole process, from the first call, all the way through to when leads are transferred to your agents.

The numbers speak for themselves. For some of our clients, our live transfers have improved closing rates by 100%+ on average, and throughout our management teams’ more than 20 years in business, we have helped clients to generate more than $250M in sales revenue.

If you’re interested in taking your final expense lead generation to the next level and converting more leads than ever while giving time back to your agents, contact us today to speak to a professional who can help you learn more and customize the perfect solution for your business.

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