4 Tips to close Medicare Supplement Leads

4 Tips for Closing More Live Transfer Medical Leads

If you want to close more of the live transfer Medicare leads in order to make the most of them, you need to be there for your leads long term and work with them regularly. These leads are hot, but they still require effort to move from a lead to a sale.

Your success is our success, so in this section, we will outline some easy tips you can use to make sure your agents are given every chance to succeed on the phone.

1. Focus On Your Lead’s Education Needs

The best way to sell more Medicare Supplement Packages to live transfer leads is by educating them. You need to focus on answering their questions so that you are seen as a reliable authoritative figure, someone with answers not just someone pushing a sale.

While we do our best to educate the leads before transferring them, they will almost always have more questions. Having highly trained agents who are educated in every aspect of Medicare will ensure that your company becomes a go-to resource for your leads. It also helps to develop trust, which is essential to closing a sale.

2. Be A Medicare Guru – Training Is Everything

Having the in-depth knowledge to help any live transfer medicare supplement lead is essential to closing more clients.

This comes down in large part to timing. Contact ratios go up by 900% if the leads are phoned within 5 minutes of being generated. These leads convert 22% more often.

3. Establish a Relationship

It is important to nurture leads and establish relationships with them. 27% of sales leads are never followed up and yet just 25% of leads are ready to buy right now.

Making 2 calls versus 1 increases the chance of getting through to a prospect by 87%. And 50% of people who request information won’t make their purchase for 3 months, so patience and follows ups are key.

On top of that, people, especially Baby Boomers, want to be treated well and appreciated by their agents. A vast majority of Medicare Supplement sales will not be made on the first call. Additional information may be needed, or they may need to compare options, or perhaps speak to a spouse or lawyer before making a decision.

By training your agents to keep active notes logged for each lead, you are able to connect with them on a deeper level, building a relationship with each call, and showing them that your company cares about their story and their experiences. This greatly improves your chances of closing deals.

4. How the Call Ends is the Most Important Part

The average agent only attempts to reach prospects twice and 25% will stop after the second try. Yet, 2% of sales are made through the first contact, another 3% through the second, 5% through the third, 10% through the fourth, and an astounding 80% through the fifth.

Leads should be contacted at least 6-12 times until you are able to get ahold of them. Otherwise, your agents are not taking the necessary steps to make the most of the Medicare live transfer leads you are paying for.

Another place that you can generate more Medicare Supplement leads is to ask for referrals. Studies show that 91% of customers would give referrals when prompted, but only 11% of them are asked for referrals by agents. These additional referrals result in follow up appointments 80% of the time.

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